About Us

Editpng.com is a website that offers online secure and fast editing tools for images. You can use our website to edit your images in various ways, such as blurring faces, combining photos, changing colors, adding watermarks, and more.

Editpng.com was founded in 2023 by a team of passionate and creative developers who wanted to make image editing easier and more accessible for everyone. Our mission is to provide high-quality and user-friendly tools that can help you edit your images in minutes.

Editpng.com is constantly updating and improving its tools to meet the needs and expectations of its users. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to make our website better. You can contact us through our contact form or follow us on our social media channels.

Thank you for choosing Editpng.com as your online image editing partner. We hope you enjoy using our tools and share them with your friends and family. Happy editing!

Sincerely, The editpng.com Team